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Web Design

Web Design

Website design is not a dark art. A lot of over complicated rubbish gets talked about it.

Bolton Support prefer to keep web design simple. So, if you are looking for front-end web design services combined with strong ideas that result in engaging sites, we’re the web design agency for you.

Mobile Websites

Have you designed your company’s website or emails to display properly on mobiles?

No?  Then it’s likely that you are inconveniencing a huge number of people. Most of the population don’t buy the products or services of the company that has inconvenienced them. They go elsewhere. Why not give us a call at Bolton Support to see how your company can become mobile friendly.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A website is nothing if no one can find it. Our dedicated SEO specialist will drive traffic to your website, keep you high on search engine pages, and ensure your customers can find you.

Social Media Marketing

Not just a flash in the pan. Social Media is a hugely powerful tool, and when used in the right way it can shift attitudes, gain attention for your brand, and ultimately sell. Bolton Support can push your campaign across the web and then carefully measure its success.

Email Marketing Systems

Our email marketing system is powerful and accountable. It allows us to send out fully bespoke branded emails for you, and then gathers valuable information about their success and click through rates. It is also possible for you to generate your own email marketing through our system.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management systems allow you to keep your website updated. Bolton Support prefer to build completely bespoke systems for our clients, ensuring that you get the exact control over your website’s content that you need.


Our ecommerce web design can provide you with an optimised online shop, enabling your shop to be open 24hrs a day to an international audience. From a couple of products to thousands, our ecommerce web designers will also ensure your transactions are completely safe and secure.

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