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From our offices in Bolton, Bolton Support provides a complete IT solution comprising servers, backups, support, Internet connectivity, IT security and remote access. Aimed at professional and fast growing companies.

Bolton Support have combined top products from Dell, HP, Microsoft, Kaspersky and Zen Internet to provide a reliable and cost effective IT solution that is perfect for your organisation.

A complete IT solution from Bolton Support will:

  • Reduce costs through standardisation;
  • Reduce downtime and improve reliability through proven compatibility;
  • Eliminate management burden by having a single company take clear responsibility for your complete IT solution.

Backups that you can rely upon every night, every month & every year

There will come a time when you need to recover a critical document or email last seen several months ago. It is important not just to keep nightly backups, but weekly, monthly and annual backups as well. Many people confuse backups as simply a way of recovering from a server failure, but the majority of restore requests are a result of user error—accidentally overwriting or deleting a file.

Bolton Support provide Windows and Linux servers in a variety of sizes and specifications.

A fast, reliable network that is flexible and expandable

Do you want an industry standard Windows Server solution that will provide flexibility and accommodate future growth, or a Linux Server solution that will provide rock solid dependability and uptime?

No need to compromise—Bolton Support provide both for the ultimate business solution and maximum Return on Investment.

Focus on reducing data theft (and other risks)

It is extremely important to manage data related risks. Bolton Support will work with you to identify key risks and recommend the best solutions to manage those risks. Many solutions, e.g. good password management, cost nothing to implement and significantly reduce the chance of data theft or misuse.

First class support from our Windows, Linux & Network specialists

We monitor your network and backups every day, and in the event of a failure will be on-site very quickly. We offer a full range of Service Level Agreements for companies requiring guaranteed response times.

Contact Bolton Support on 0161 660 9762 or email to have an informal chat with us.

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