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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process by which the visibility of your website can be improved to users of search engines. When done properly this means more visits and more potential sales, which is why having a site professionally optimised can produce a tangible ROI.

SEO isn’t a single action: it’s a blanket term for a combination of factors that lead websites to be ranked more highly than others by search engines for the same search query. Being on the first results page is a huge advantage over your competition, and the higher you can get the better. Bolton Support will work across a number of key aspects to help promote your website in the most relevant and opportune areas online, including:


In the initial stages of a campaign, Bolton Support will spend time evaluating your website to ensure all of the potential “signals” that search engines look for are present. This will typically involve carrying out keyword research to identify the most high-volume and appropriate search terms, and a website audit to get under the hood and find out what could be improved from a technical view point.


Once a number of opportunities have been analysed and explored, Bolton Support can work with your existing team, or on your behalf, to optimise your website for search. Search engines care about relevance, and we ensure each of the pages on your website is tuned to perform as well as possible online.


With your website in its best possible condition to work with search engines, Bolton Support can then look at the ongoing promotion of your website using SEO optimised digital marketing techniques. This will mean that your website stays relevant to your target market, becomes more prevalent in search results and experiences an increase in traffic.

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