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Bolton Support are small business specialists providing local Computer Support in Bolton to many companies. We specialise in bringing the same technologies enjoyed by big business to the SMEs at a price they can afford. Microsoft Small Business Server is an excellent example of this, offering companies a corporate email solution and remote access to individual desktops to mention just two of it’s productivity enhancing features

Providing businesses with better Computer support in Bolton.

All Bolton Support staff are Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers with a minimum of 9 years experience ensuring a high level of knowledge and competency. Our Engineers will very quickly get to know you and your business to ensure that you maximise the benefits achievable from available technology.

When contacting Bolton by telephone for IT Support in Bolton you will always be connected straight to an experienced MCSE qualified computer engineer ensuring that your problem is received and dealt with as quickly as possible.

Most issues can be resolved remotely using remote desktop software tools. These tools can be used to provide Computer Support in Bolton. In the event of a serious failure of computer service, Bolton Support staff can be onsite in less than 30 mins.

The provision of fast and effective Computer Support in Bolton is critical in achieving customer satisfaction, something that we are confident that we provide. Our Testimonial page hopefully confirms that we provide a cost effective, high standard of computer support to our clients in Bolton.

For companies based within the Bolton area that make extensive use of computers, Bolton Support is the perfect choice. Bolton Support are known for their high end Computer Support in Bolton, which is nothing short of the best in terms of quality and affordability. Bolton Support are well equipped to service the demands of complex and sophisticated computing requirements from small businesses to corporate and larger enterprises

Bolton Support provides its clients with a broad array of IT solutions. Whether it’s a software issue or a hardware problem, we have the means to offer the right answers. Services include networking, upgrades, repairs, virus removal, data recovery, internet security, among others. Bolton Support can even perform remote troubleshooting procedures on computers that need urgent attention.

The tech support team are all Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, ensuring appropriate skills to conduct computer troubleshooting and repairs. CISCO certified engineers are able to install and maintain computer networks, whether there is an existing infrastructure in place or a new installation required from scratch.

For offices that are manned with employees that are computer novices or offices of computer power users, Bolton Support offers consultation and support solutions appropriate for all levels.

For companies who are still in their early stages of getting computerised, part of Bolton Support services is to provide consultation on new computer/network setup. We can provide clients with all the hardware and software specifications that are required in order to fit into their clients exact computing needs. Bolton Support can make reliable recommendations on the latest hardware and gadgetries.

In order to keep up with the ever changing technology curve, Bolton Support continue to upgrade and enhance its Computer Support services. New technologies like VoIP and cloud computing platforms are part of the services that Bolton Support can provide to their clients.

Many companies have attested to being completely satisfied with the kind of services Bolton Support have provided. Bolton Support have helped them saved money from IT costing and regular preventive maintenance. Clients who are under their support have no worries because of their commitment to providing the best IT solutions.

Contact Bolton Support on 0161 660 9762 or email to have an informal chat with us.

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