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If you’re looking to set up a fast & reliable broadband connection at your home or office, Bolton Support can provide the optimum solution.

Supported by a first class customer services team, 24/7 UK based technical support and round-the-clock network monitoring, you can have confidence in the quality and reliability of our service.

Broadband summary:

– Up to 16 meg download
– Up to 1.9 meg upload
– 1 Static IP address
– No usage caps

What you will get:

No usage caps:
Get the data you need with a fair usage policy that is actually fair.

Real world speed:
Download at speeds of up to 16 meg. And uploading is easy too with up to 1.9 meg.

We’ll never artificially reduce your speed to cram more people on a line (like some ISPs do) and we won’t throttle your access when you download certain types of files or use the internet at peak times.

Wireless modem:
Turn your home into a wifi wonderland with access all over your house, for multiple computers.

Free 24/7 support:
Expert support. Lots of people talk about it, but you rarely get it. It’s our passion. If you have a problem, raise a support ticket, start a live chat, email or phone us or ask the user community to help solve your internet problems.

Contact Bolton Support on 0161 660 9762 or email to have an informal chat with us.

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